Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

Fresh from our South Burnett grove, our premium, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils are available in the following varietals:

Signature – a blend of Frantoio, Corregiola, Manzanillo and Koroneiki olive oils. It's very fresh, fruity and versatile for a range of dishes, imparting a subtle fragrant, nutty and subtle pepper flavour when finishing meats, seafood, pasta and warm vegetables.

Arbequina Rich buttery textures lead the way, as soft caramel and nut tones add complexity. This light-bodied summer oil adds a rich sweetness to pasta or seafood dishes.

Frantoio – Ripe green fruit flavours dominate this oil, supported by mild acidity and a peppery finish. Perfect as a finishing oil for meats, or simply pair with antipasto – this robust oil shines on its own.

Koroneiki – A delicate balance of flavour where sweet ripe fruit meets green fruit flavour with just a touch of pepper. Perfect for dipping in bread and salt, or enjoy with an antipasto plate of cheese, olives, salami and other favourites.

Manzanillo – This subtle oil shimmers with summer fruits and mild nutty afternotes. As a milder variety, manzanillo oil best complements delicately-flavoured dishes. A great all-rounder.


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