Let's work together to share Queensland's award-winning wines and produce.

We are keen to work with select partners who share our passion for boutique local wine and artisan food.

Whether you are a chef, a restaurateur, a delicatessen or specialist wine retailer, we can bring an added flair, taste and authenticity to what you offer through our acclaimed wines and olive products. We are also keen to appoint more 'satellite cellar doors', which is a great opportunity if you have the right location and customers who would appreciate being able to take home award-winning Queensland wines. (In Queensland, this can be set up under our wine licence so it's simple for you.)

If you are an overseas distributor, please contact us for our Export Brochure and more details of how we can work with you and support you to bring Queensland wines to new markets.

Please get in touch to discuss wholesale rates and opportunities. You can email us here or call us on 0421 924 903

“We can create great partnerships through our shared passion for exceptional wine and food.”

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