EarthVineFire Barrel Fermented Semillon 2018

EarthVineFire is a new wine range born from a collaboration between Clovely’s viticulturist, winemaker and chef. Inspired by the textures and tastes of the South Burnett, this new brand has its roots in Queensland earth, celebrates the vine, and has the fire of passion for new experiences.

TASTING NOTES: Barrel fermenting and maturing Semillon in oak enhances the aromatic profile of the variety, however just as importantly it adds an intrinsic layer of texture and mouthfeel which provides depth and intrigue.

MATCHING FLAVOUR PROFILES: Clean white protein, residual natural fat, sashimi, firm soy curd, whipped egg white, ceviche.

Alc/Vol 12.3%
7.3 Standard drinks 
Produced with milk products
Contains sulphites

pH 3.20, TA 7.00, Elev 322m